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5 Benefits of an International Internship

No matter your chosen industry or your intended line of work, global perspective can be invaluable; accumulating experience in an international culture can provide you with just the kind of competitive advantage you need to advance your career. That’s why ALZEA INDIA is passionate about helping students broaden their horizons and get some truly fresh perspective, the kind that can’t be attained in a classroom or via virtual study.

Maybe you’re still not convinced; maybe you’re on the fence about whether interning abroad is truly the most judicious way for you to make yourself a more desirable and productive employee. Allow us to outline a few advantages that only an international internship can provide.

Benefits of Interning Abroad

You can develop an international network.

There’s an old saying about career advancement… that it’s not about what you know, but who you know. Surely, having a range of connections to draw from can be a valuable way to gain new opportunities and to surpass other qualified candidates in your field. And, as industries such as hospitality become increasingly globalized, there’s real merit to having a network that spans countries, cultures, and continents.

International internships can be the perfect way to build such a network, allowing you to forge relationships with key figures in your industry, not just at home but abroad. You never know when such relationships may come in handy!

You can immerse yourself in language and culture.

It’s one thing to study a language or a culture from afar, but actually immersing yourself in it is the best way to gain real understanding; to ensure that what you’re learning really sticks with you.

Interning in another country, then, gives you something that the classroom can’t: an opportunity to truly dive deep into experiences you wouldn’t have otherwise. This can be immensely enriching to you both personally and professionally.

You can prove your adaptability.

Today’s employers don’t just want job applicants who can follow a script. They want team members who are able to be nimble, to think on their feet, and to respond well to whatever challenges or opportunities are thrown at them.

In short, they want adaptable employees. There’s no better way to develop adaptability, and to prove it, than to spend time in a foreign country, where you’re sure to encounter plenty of surprises and unplanned-for events!

You can learn and travel at the same time.

As they prepare to graduate from college or university, many students are torn by the competing desires to see the world, or to immediately begin pursuing additional educational credits.

One great thing about an international internship is that it enables you to do both at the same time… to scratch your travel itch while also developing your skills, your experience, and your credentials. It effectively allows students to kill two birds with one stone.

The opportunities are endless.

One more reason to consider an international internship? Because the world is too big, too vast, and too beautiful not to be curious; too expansive for any of us to stay in our corners and limit our lived experience.

When you work with an organization like ALZEA INDIA, you’ll find boundless opportunities… different positions, different companies, different industries, and different parts of the world.

Don’t Confine Your Professional Development

There’s no reason to confine your professional development to your own community. Take advantage of all that’s out there. To start planning your international internship journey, reach out to ALZEA INDIA today.